We are specialized in modern Lithuanian beer.
If you are surprised - it's a sign we have succeeded. 

  Sakiškės Brewery 
                                           beer with a purpose

We try to take you by your hand and walk you out of your comfort zone. We do not agree with beer just being a yellow fizzy stuff in a pint glass. Our beers are full of flavors and aromas. Our beers require attention. They wanna be understood. By choosing us you choose to find something new. New pairing with food? New soundtrack to your mood or weather behind the window? We’re always happy if you’re surprised.​

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Dūmų fabrikas  ​

                                              high level cultural events

Dūmų fabrikas ("Smoke Factory") is located in the district of Naujoji Vilnia, in a historic 19th century building - the former largest scythe factory in the world. The space was renovated following an industrial architecture concept and it operates as a creative venue. 

Naujoji Vilnia, called Vileika by the locals, has a lot to say and show. 
We hope to become a place that will make Vileika's name famous again.

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