ILGĖS - An evening of songs and sutartinės in memory of our ancestors

Like every year. Where the ancient Vilnius Forest whispers, we invite you to commemorate ILGIAI while singing together.

ILGIAI songs are a special phenomenon in our culture. They are also known as 'orphan songs' and carry an old tradition to honor the departed, remember ancestors, sing and express longing as if cleansing the soul from heavy burdens. For many years, we have gathered around the ILGIAI song table led by the 'Promotion Songs.'

To bid farewell with thoughts, to touch with sound, to remember, to mourn close and distant ancestors.

The event is emotionally profound. If you have recently experienced loss or are sensitive, you can step back from singing whenever needed. The event does not obligate you to sing. Singing experience is not required. The songs will be accompanied by musical improvisations by violinist Tadas Dešukas. If you do not wish to sing, you can simply come and be together and listen.

Throughout all times and among all nations, song has been and is equal to prayer.

 "The soul does not see light, the soul hears sound" (Malukas)

Event hosts: Laurita Peleniūtė - voice. 
Tadas Dešukas - violin, mandolin.




The event is free for seniors, Ukrainians, and children.

Event location: Dūmų fabrikas

Photo by Eimantas Žeimys Design by Ieva Vaivaraitė - Ošikienė
Date & Time
November 2, 2023
7:00 PM 9:00 PM Europe/Vilnius

Dūmų fabrikas

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Dūmų fabrikas

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