Stage action - in the Garden, there is no gods

"In the Garden, there are no gods" - this is a theatrical performance in which you will witness the creation of a heavenly garden by a solitary woman. It is as meditative as it is a curious attempt to create a more perfect version of the world, where the fall of Adam and Eve never happened - they simply didn't exist in that garden because there were never any gods there. The garden belongs solely to her - the central figure in the theatrical act. She is unmarried, childless, a middle-aged woman, standing/sitting/running busily in her occupation, with no prospect of finding a job in her field. Because her specialty is a cultivator of Heavenly Gardens. 



 Greta Gudelytė
 Eglė Kazickaitė
 Toma Čepaitė
Date & Time
November 29, 2023
7:00 PM 8:00 PM Europe/Vilnius

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