The area of ​the historic building is 1,200 m2, of which 750 m2 is dedicated to events, and the rest for the brewery's operations. 
The height of the premises reaches 12 m, creating a very spacious feeling to accomodate a big audience. 
We offer different rent options - we are ready to help you.​




An introduction to the beer world, a tour through Sakiškės brewery, detailed explanations of famous craft beer styles, plus a degustation of 6 from our 24 beer tap options!




Our beer workshop for beginners takes you all around malt, water, hops and yeast! A deeper dive into what is behind the process of brewing a beer, here we introduce and enable participants to join the homebrewing universe!

We will provide detailed knowledge of where to start, basic rules and common mistakes,  get familiar with the equipment - all you need to confidently start production on your own.

* upon request we can also offer the non-alcoholic fermentation workhops (2.5h)

Workshop registration

(for business partners) 

We will be happy to create a private label just for you to customize the drink of your choice. 
You can use it in your business events, as gifts for partners or simply to have it displayed in the shelves of your company's refrigerator. 
Of course, we can also offer a complete gift set for you or your customers.

Want to surprise your colleagues even more? We can create a drink that reflects your company and that only you will have! 

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